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Round Lake Beach Collection Lawyers

Our firm provides professional debt collection services throughout the Round Lake Beach, Illinois area. We are collection lawyers proficient in the collection of Round Lake Beach claims. Our law firm handles all accounts aggressively and expeditiously through the use of proven strategies and techniques that we have developed as collection lawyers. Our effective debt collection services have been utilized by satisfied clients throughout the nation and we are prepared to handle your collection claims should you elect to use our services.


Collection fees with our firm often are contingent based and you only pay us a reasonable percentage of what we collect. We provide debt collection services for the Round Lake Beach area and can assist you in finding a lawyer for other counties throughout the State of Illinois, no matter where your debtor is located.

Our collection lawyers are litigation professionals and we provide highly professional representation of our clients in court and additionally, throughout the entire collection process of your accounts receivable. Our collection lawyers have been providing successful results for our Round Lake Beach clients, both large and small, since 1997.

We realize how important it is to handle your accounts receivable quickly and efficiently to achieve optimal results for your Round Lake Beach bad debt portfolio. We believe that the services that we provide in the collection of bad debts in Round Lake Beach is truly one of your best options for recovery in the State of Illinois. Our Round Lake Beach debt collection lawyers will help you to maximize your cash flow which will in turn, help you to optimize your profit ratio. 

Our collection lawyer practice has been specifically designed to collect your bad debt claims quickly, utilizing the most professional and diplomatic means available.

Simply stated, the collection services provided by our firm will exceed your expectations in many ways. We have an automated office infrastructure offering concise client reporting, accurate trust accounting and we employ some of the finest litigation lawyers available in the Round Lake Beach (Chicago) metropolitan area. Our law firm will provide your company with not only premium collection services but rock solid legal support.  

Let us design a specifically targeted collection campaign for your bad debt Round Lake Beach claims. Call us today at 312-345-1306 and ask to speak with one of our collection lawyers. We can help your company collect lost revenue from your bad debt accounts, which will significantly bolster your bottom line!

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